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MojoHeadz Records Review

Since it’s inception in 2014, MojoHeadz Records has been the go-to label for exotic house, trance and techno genres. If searing, sharp-toothed bass music is your thing, MojoHeadz Records has everything you need.
MojoHeadz Records
Clay Clemens [MojoHeadz] & KSHMR [SPINNIN']
You'll find bass music boundary-breaking music coming from the likes of Endego, Kevin Moncado, Clay clemens, Nuclear Maniac, Nachamuni and many many more - artists that can give you chills with ice cold liquid beauties, send you off-kilter with swirling melodies or send you into head-bopping mode with tasty halftime beats.


The label owners, who are based on LA, USA, have built up a discography that would make any self-respecting ‘CLUBBER’ blush.

MojoHeadz, loose, spiritual and pushing the envelope of what can work on the dancefloor.

Check official website https://mojoheadz.com/ for info. And check demo submitions page https://mojoheadz.com/contact.htm for your tracks.


  1. MojoHeadz has never been particularly involved with any one scene. With MojoHeadz Records, over and over again you can see the formidable label formula for a huge amount of timeless work!


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